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4th Symposium „Pharmaceutical Medicine“, 2016

The development of innovative medicines is a long, costly and risky process. Novel products also have to show a measurable added benefit for the patient to have a chance for commercial success. These challenges require novel approaches. One trend are more collaborations and partnerships among all stakeholders. Another one is the rapidly developing IT-landscape with more and more patient data being available on the clinical and molecular level, offering new opportunities but also with the challenge to use them in a responsible and professional way.

In our 4th symposium in the study course “Master of Science in Pharmaceutical Medicine” we will look together with experts from industry, academia and authorities at these and other challenges in medicines development. As symposium president it is my pleasure and honor to welcome you this year at Bayer Pharma AG and wish all of us an exciting and inspiring event.

Dr. Matthias Gottwald
President of Symposium

Science and research at the highest international level, and excellent training of future physicians: these are the objectives that the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Duisburg-Essen at University Hospital of Essen has set for itself and that we work hard to achieve. We’ve taken our key specialties of cardiovascular medicine, oncology, and transplants - which are also core clinical disciplines of the University Hospital of Essen - and added the important generic
disciplines of genetics, immunology, and infectious disease management, in which foundational researchers and clinicians work hand in hand.

Achieving greatness together - This idea moves forward. The University of Duisburg-Essen counts on regional, national and international partnerships. In this way we want to develop new opportunities for research and teaching and also improve the transfer of knowledge to the economy and politics.

Prof. Dr. Jan Buer
Patron of Symposium
Dean, Faculty of Medicine, University Duisburg-Essen